Meet the Team

As the charity is in its infancy, it was important to have trustees who could bring different experiences to the table and help support the charity. Read below our trustees story on what HOPE London means to them and their motivations for becoming a trustee.

Alex Payne - Trustee

Having experienced epilepsy personally as a child and young adult and seen the amazing work of HOPE first hand, I am delighted to be able to help out as a trustee.  Out side of HOPE I read, run and write about lawyers for a living.

Neil Williamson - Treasurer

My name is Neil and I am a pediatric nurse currently working as an epilepsy nurse in South London.  I have predominantly worked in neurology and palliative care as a staff nurse as well as a manager and nurse specialist in multiple charities and the NHS.  As well as working with Hope for London, I also work for a charity that provides residential camps for children, teenagers and families with serious health challenges.

Having a child with a significant health condition within my family has been the driver to becoming a nurse.  I have always tried to be family centred and to work with children, young adults and their families, in a person centred approach, understanding that they are more than just their condition, however complex their health needs are.

I believe in the power of relationships between people and I am pleased to be part of Hope for Epilepsy: London

Nadine Gurr - Chair

I became a Trustee, and now Vice Chair, because I wanted to help HOPE London with their work supporting children and their families affected by epilepsy. My small part in the big picture.   I have now taken the role of Chair.

HOPE London means families can meet in a supportive environment. They can learn more about epilepsy, and gain access to information and advice on coping and dealing with it. HOPE London means empowering families with the knowledge that enables them to have as much control as possible over an unpredictable and frightening condition.

Julie Murray - Trustee

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I joined HOPE as a volunteer back in 2012 when the charity was still very new.  I worked with our Chairman's wife and we were pregnant with our first babies at the same time.  I was sad to hear the news that their son had been born with Dravet's and when Scott set up HOPE I wanted to get involved and help them.  It has been a wonderful journey and the children that attend our monthly sessions are an inspiration.

I have recently become a trustee and organise events for the families to attend such as trips to London Zoo, Interactive Story Workshops and Christmas parties.